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Book your appointment online

At our clinic, you can book your visit online. A new page will open for the booking process, please read the instructions below before booking.

We offer shorter visits for quick errands (10 minutes) such as vaccination, deworming, nail trimming, free dental check, return visits after dental care or surgery and for removing stitches. Book one timeslot per animal and errand. For example, making a new passport and receiving rabies vaccination will require 2 x 10 minutes.

There are also longer timeslots available for examination of your animal (30 minutes). These times are meant for shorter errands such as ear inflammation, acute/short lasting illness, or examination of lumps etc. Medical conditions with a long history, illnesses requiring multiple tests and further investigations and all types of surgery and dental care should be booked via phone to ensure we have the time to provide the correct care for your animal. We always read your cause for booking before you come to the clinic and will sometimes contact you beforehand to reschedule or ask more about your visit.


If there is no time available try looking again later in the day or call us at +46 (0)31-31 50 200. We continuously post new time slots when possible and always have a few emergency time slots available for those in need of care the same day that are not visible online. We prefer not to book via e-mail due to it taking longer for us to answer and therefore the time slot can become unavailable.

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