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Visit our clinic

No matter what the reason is for your visit to our clinic it can feel nervous to bring your animal to us. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and know what to expect. Below you can read some information to consider prior to your visit.


For everyone’s comfort:

  • Bring your cat in a carrier, preferably one that can open at the top or can be taken apart. This is to make it easier to take your animal out when in the examination room

  • All dogs should be on a leash in the waiting room. Even if your dog is well trained the stressful situation can cause them to flee or disturb other patients

  • Not all illnesses are visible on the outside. Keep your distance to other patients so we can avoid the risk of infection

  • We will try to bring you to an examination-room as soon as possible to avoid crowding in the waiting room. If you need to wait in the front store please respect the other patients and keep your distance

  • You are permitted to place your animal in the car before payment if the waiting room is full


Good to know before your visit:

  • Make sure you have your insurance details at hand. We will ask for this information at the reception so we can help you settle your financial affairs smoothly

  • Bring your animal's vaccination card, passport and/or pedigree for vaccinations or deworming appointments. It is good to bring them to other visits as well in case the veterinarian needs to see previous treatments

  • Please walk your dog before your visit unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian or when booking the appointment. There is a small patch of grass outside to relieve your dog with a bin for dog poo bags at the edge which you can use before coming inside

    • Watch out for cyclists just outside our entrance. Keep your dog on a short leash to avoid accidents

  • During your first visit we will check your contact information. Please have identification ready so we can check spelling of your name. If you have recently changed address or phone number please let us know so we can update your information


If you have a planned surgical or dental appointment:

  • You will receive a text message the day before your visit with a reminder and instructions

  • Your cat or dog should not have eaten after 11pm the day before. They can always have access to water.

  • Rabbits should always have access to food and/or fresh hay. Please bring extra to the appointment so we can serve them their regular food immediately after waking up

  • Please walk your dog so they can relieve themselves before your appointment

  • You will meet with the veterinarian in the morning and they will examine your pet before bringing them in for surgery. You will be asked about your animal's medications and current health status

  • We take in all our patients between 8-9 o’ clock in the morning and make our surgical planning after this. This means that just because you left your animal with us early, it does not mean we will begin with you animal

    • The order of our patients is decided by many different aspects such as; age, type of surgery, risk level for anesthetics, dental status and more

    • If you have a need to pick up your animal at a certain time we prefer it if you tell us when booking, but we can never guarantee a certain time. We work with living animals where anything can happen and take longer than expected

  • The veterinarian will always call when the planned procedure is finished unless you have decided otherwise when leaving your animal in our care

  • There is no need to call the clinic to ask about your pet. Every extra call takes time away from a patient who may be in need of emergency care

If we haven’t called it means we are hard at work and will contact you when we can, we have not forgotten you or your animal

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